"Attestation Officers bring urgently needed
authenticity to a world awash in inauthenticity."

- Joanna Lilly, President, Empowered Notary and Former President,
American Society of Notaries

What is the Council of Attestation Officers?

We notaries have been trained to establish an individual’s identity by using specific pieces of evidence supporting a client's identity claim. That's become an important skill as the world's information and communication has rapidly become paperless, digital - and lacking in the kind of accountability that notaries have historically provided. As a result the world is suffering an epidemic of rampant digital fraud.

As an Attestation Officer you'll be the key to reversing that ominous trend. You'll use video tools to record the presentation and examination of different Evidence of Identity items and confirm they support the individual’s identity claim, and then you'll administer an Oath of Identity. As a result, our software will generate a digitally signed credential in their phone, attesting to your client's identity when they use the credential.

At this point, the Attestation Officer has established a client relationship that is not tied to a one off signing of a mortgage or some other event. Since the Attestation Officer is maintaining the electronic record for their client as well as providing a backup for the universal certificate, the client will need to pay a transactional fee an as well as an annual fee escrow for that service.

The Council of Attestation Officers was founded in 2014 to:

  • Work closely with the City of Osmio and the enterprises of the Authenticity Alliance to establish and maintain standards for the practice of Attestation of Identity.
    • The City of Osmio was chartered on March 7, 2005 at the Geneva headquarters of the International Telecommunication Union, a UN agency. On that day, the responsibility for the ITU’s World e-Trust Initiative was passed from the ITU to Osmio.
    • The Authenticity Alliance consists of organizations that have agreed to adhere to the ordinances of the City of Osmio in offering their services.
  • Provide access to training resources for notaries who want to become Attestation Officers
  • Provide a facility where notaries can share information about their practice, particularly as the world moves from paper documents into the paperless age
  • Provide Attestation Officers with tools for gathering evidence supporting an enrollee’s identity claim and recording that evidence of identity (EOI) in the enrollee’s identity quality record.

What is an Attestation Officer?

An Attestation Officer is an individual who is empowered by public authority to administer an Oath of Identity - and who knows how to do it properly. In this age of rampant inauthenticity, the world needs measurably reliable identities so that people can know with measurable certainty that other individuals are who they say they are.

"Doing it properly" means really following through on the administration of an oath rather than simply sealing a document saying that it was done. For that reason, an additional qualification such as the Signing Agent certification from a recognized notary association for American notaries or equivalent certification in other jurisdictions is also required. "Doing it properly" also means using a webcam to record the event, and digitally signing the video and associated files. If you know how to use a laptop, its not at all difficult.

The principles are the same as with any administration of an oath, with the addition of a digital certificate to the customary paper affidavit and certificate or jurat.