"Attestation Officers bring urgently needed
authenticity to a world awash in inauthenticity."

- Joanna Lilly, President, Empowered Notary and Former President,
American Society of Notaries

Membership in the Council

Who is eligible for Membership in the Council of Enrollment Officers?

Membership in the Council of Enrollment Officers is open to individuals who are empowered by public authority to administer an Oath of Identity and who meet the following additional criteria:

  • Employed full time as a Vital Records Administrator for a municipality, state, province, or sovereign nation or
  • Is a commissioned Latin or Civil Notary and,
  • Has completed training in, and passed the examination for, the CAO digital certificates course, which is administered online.

Can you...

  • Assess a credential's reputation, score #8 (see Accessing Identity Quality for further explanation)
  • Assess PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and FOAF (Friend Of A Friend) collegial attestations?
  • Determine who owns the credential?

Are you qualified to perform credential quality assessments?

Learn how to examine an identity token or a computer's keystore facility and receive your certification for Credential Quality assessments. This Identity Quality score #6 will become increasingly important as mobile phones are used more and more as tokens. And people whose work calls for the highest Identity Quality scores are the ones with the biggest budgets!

Joining the Council

By joining the Council, you will have an opportunity to provide feedback and recommendations about programs, tools and training for Attestation Officers who are working with customers to establish measurably reliable identities and digital certificates. To join complete the form in the Contact Us tab and allow your voice to be heard.

Notary Communities

The Council of Attestation Officers has set up two Notary communities RONNIE™ and Tabelio™.

Both sites provide a place for members to:

  • Learn techniques on how to build your business
  • Discuss notary practices and experiences about your state or province
  • Learn about notary practices across multiple states or countries
  • Meet others who practice in your jurisdiction
  • Learn about emerging opportunities in digital identity verification and enrollment
  • Create or join groups formed around an interest that is important to you
  • Create or comment on blog topics which you are passionate about

Furthermore, there is no charge for membership in either site.

Council Meetings

Our Own Social Network

The Council will host a meeting place at attestation.pro/meeting. Announcements regarding its launch will be posted here.

For more specifics contact Juanita Lyons