"Attestation Officers bring urgently needed
authenticity to a world awash in inauthenticity."

- Joanna Lilly, President, Empowered Notary and Former President,
American Society of Notaries


Generally, an Attestation Officer provides enrollment services at the direction of a certification authority, identity management consulting firm, or other intermediary. The Attestation Officer typically does not need to market his or her services directly to clients. The Council works with organizations needing enrollment services and Identity Quality assessments to ensure that Attestation Officers are available when and where they are needed.


If you have questions or concerns before, during or after an enrollment or identity quality assessment session, your Council of Attestation Officers is ready to help during normal USA + Europe business hours. In addition, most of your questions can be answered 24/7 right here in our forum for Attestation Officers worldwide.

Shakespeare says...
Hie thee to an Attestation Officer!